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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pinewood Natural Health Centre: Rapid weight loss with lasting results.

Are you looking for a safe, natural and lifelong solution for weight loss? 
You may have found it, right here.
What it is: Administered under expert medical care, a low-calorie diet combined with injections of HCG, a naturally-occurring hormone in men and women. Keeping the weight off after a diet can be just as challenging as losing pounds in the first place, but a solution exists with the revolutionary HCG diet.

Scientifically proven to be an effective means of weight loss by Dr. A.T.W Simeons in the UK in the 1950’s, the HCG diet makes it easy to maintain the svelte figure you worked so hard to achieve. Guided by expert medical and naturopathic supervision, you learn to develop an entirely new approach to food, which not only transforms your body, but provides you with a fresh perspective on healthy eating as well. The body can be taught to listen to the cues of when we are hungry and when we feel satiety or full.

The diet harnesses the power of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), a hormone that is present in both women and men. In women, HCG is created by the body to nourish the fetus during pregnancy, while in men, it increases testosterone levels. Incorporated into the HCG diet, the hormone helps you lose the right type of fat and avoid the “sagging” effects of skin associated with other diets.

Furthermore, a unique benefit of the diet is that you gain increased awareness about what foods you should be eating, which enables you to easily follow the Healthy and Active diet. With the HCG diet, maintaining your post-diet weight is the simplest it’s ever been. It even becomes customized, take the guess work out.

How it works: The HCG aspect of the diet helps curb your appetite, working at the pituitary level to specifically target and eliminate fat cells. By combining a low-calorie diet of 500 – 750 calories per day with minute, low-dosage injections of the HCG hormone, patients may lose one pound each day without the worry of regaining it later. By supplying the body with these additional levels of injectable HCG, food cravings are effectively reduced, moods are improved and fat is eliminated. Fat stores release fat into the bloodstream to be used as fuel, keeping energy levels up despite reduced caloric intake.

A vital, distinguishing factor of the HCG diet is that it prevents ketosis, an undesirable and common side-effect of most low-calorie diets. While on the HCG diet, oils, starches, dairy, carbohydrates, sugar and alcohol are generally avoided. Enjoy foods that are low in fat but high in protein to promote a leaner figure. While avoiding indulgent foods can seem like a daunting challenge, remember that it’s a small price to pay for a long-lasting and safe method of losing unwanted fat.

Each round of treatments takes anywhere from 26 – 43 days.  HCG must be administered by injection weekly , except for the last three days of the treatment period. During these last three days, the hormone cycles completely out of the body, allowing patients to embark upon their new, hormone-friendly diet. It is absolutely essential to keep in mind that this diet must be administered under the supervision of a doctor for safe, long-lasting results.
“The effect of the diet is two fold, immediately and the after effect of being able to have a customized approach to food,” . “You gain increased awareness about what foods you should be eating, and recondition your body’s signals for hunger and satiety.  Your doctor should put you on the hormone-friendly diet, teaching you further about how to eat healthy, or customized after receiving the hormone injections. Making the connection between what you eat and how you feel will make a huge difference in your well-being and health.”

Losing weight – and keeping it off – in a completely natural way is possible. Decrease your appetite, burn fat while preserving your muscle and see how quickly you can thrive physically and emotionally with the HCG diet.

Pinewood program:

Detoxification phase and rebalance hormonal systems
Rapid loss phase : HCG 1 or 2 cycles
Stabilization and lifetime plan ( the last 5-10 lbs) : life after HCG is our healthy and active program

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