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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Foods That Keep You Looking Younger

When it comes to anti-aging there are many foods that can help turn back the hands of time. These wonderful foods should always be in your diet if you want to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle as they have multiple health benefits and eating them can help preserve the effects of any mesotherapy or other anti-aging cosmetic treatment  (such as having cosmetiic fillers injected) that you have done at the Pinewood Health Clinic.

1. Blueberries

Make eating  blueberries part of your
anti-aging regimen
Blueberries contain a significant amount of vitamin K, manganese, vitamin C, and fibre. They also have omega-3 fatty acids. They can help your eyes and can heal ulcers. The antioxidants found in blueberries not only combat aging and stress factors in the body, but also reduce the risk of degenerative diseases and cancers.

One cup of blueberries has only 85 calories, and less than one gram of good fat. The fibre they contain improves bowel function and helps eliminate bowel residue. The phytochemicals they contain aid in weight loss and reduce inflammation.

Blueberries can be eaten raw, blended into smoothies, sprinkled on oatmeal or baked into muffins.

2.   Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts contain selenium that aids in the production glutathione.  This anti-aging substance repairs all cell damage and slows down all aging processes in the body.  They are also high in protein, which helps the body repair the connectivity of skin tissue and the scalp to  grow thick and lustrous hair.

Just eating two nuts a day can help halt the process of aging. Add brazil nuts to any baking that you do.  Soaking the Brazil nuts in water overnight helps make their nutrition more readily bioavailabe to the body.

3.  Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most powerful anti-aging foods known to man. Green tea contains the phytonutrients myricetin, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), and quercetin. They are the phytonutrients that work together in order to help your body burn fat by increasing its metabolism. These nutrients can also fight against the development of tumors and cancers.

The only thing to be careful about when drinking green tea is that it can prevent iron from being absorbed into your bloodstream. The best way to prevent this odd side-effect and ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need from you food is to drink green tea between meals as a pick-me-up or add a little lemon to it.

4.  Pomegranate

Pomegranates are a rich source of a strong antioxidant class known as punicalagins. Punicalagins breakdown into ellagic acid, the potent anti-oxidant found in raspberries, cranberries, and strawberries that also has strong antioxidant activity. The juice and seeds of this exotic tropical fruit are powerful enough to have a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Pomegranate fruit is also high in vitamin C. One pomegranate provides about 40% of the daily requirement of this vitamin. Minerals included in pomegranates include calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper manganese, selenium and fluoride.

Pomegranate juice, without sugar, is a good substitute for eating the juicy seeds, which can be a time consuming process.

5.  Red Lentils

Red lentils are loaded with fibber and protein. Dietary fibber is found in foods that come from plant sources. It is important to get enough soluble and insoluble fibres each day, so you can have a healthy digestive system. Soluble fibres act as sponges and dissolve in water. They are broken down in the colon and help sweep intestinal debris away.

Diets that are high in fibre have been shown to help people lower their cholesterol and regulate their blood sugar levels.

Lentils are best cooked as a curry, sauce or a stew with other healthy vegetables and plenty of turmeric, which is also another anti-aging substance.

For more information or to book a consultation about our restorative Healthy and Active diet and weight loss programs or any health issue you may be experiencing, visit the Pinewood Natural Health Clinic website that has a list of full services and products at www.pinewood.ca or call our Toronto Office at  (416)-656- 8100.  We also have an office in Pickering, Ontario at (905)-427-0057. You can also email us at info@pinewoodhealth.ca and we would be happy to answer any question that you have about our holistic health services.

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