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Monday, April 20, 2015

Has cancer touched your life?

Unfortunately, I think we can all say we know someone close to us who has or has had cancer. Researchers believe that the foods people eat over their lifetime can increase or decrease their risk for developing some types of cancer. Just a few weeks ago the New York times published an article
(http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/03/11/vegetarian-diet-may-cut-colon-cancer-risk/?_r=0) about colon cancer risk and a vegetarian diet. 'Pescovegetarians' who ate fish one or more times a month and other meats less than once a month, reduced their cancer risk by 42 percent compared with nonvegetarians.

There is scientific evidence linking some foods to cancer risk. Researchers believe that everyone harbours cells that will not become cancerous if they are destroyed or kept in check by the immune system. In most cases, the body's immune system recognizes and destroys these strange cells. However, cancer cells may develop when the immune system becomes overwhelmed or loses its ability to recognize the foreign cells, allowing them to escape destruction and multiply.

Here are some suggestions that could reduce your risk:

Eat a variety of foods. Many foods contain immune boosting substances, some that researchers are still discovering. And, getting nutrients from a varied, balanced diet will prevent you from getting too much of a potentially harmful substance.

Eat more organic fruits and vegetables. Aim for at least three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruits daily. Think color; deep green and yellow, orange. Choose organic to reduce your risk of toxic pesticide exposure.

Choose high-fiber foods. Besides fresh fruits and vegetables, add whole-grain breads and cereals and legumes to your diet.

Eat regular meals, especially breakfast, to limit your chances of overeating throughout the day. Overeating may lead to weight gain and being overweight is a risk factor for cancer.

Re-think your plate. Fill half your plate with vegetables, a quarter with grain products and a quarter with lean protein such as meat, fish or legumes.

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